Daily(ish) Sighting 4/28/09

April 28, 2009

daily(ish) sighting 042809

I really don’t make it a habit of chasing birds, or any other animals, on a daily basis. I was almost home from my walk and heard something come out of the weeds and brush (on the right in the photo). He (or she) followed me for about 10 steps until I turned to get his picture. Which, of course, made him turn and waddle the other way. Not a very good picture at all, but he was adorable.


Daily(ish) Sighting 4/27/09

April 27, 2009


daily(ish) sighting 042709

I never played hopscotch as a kid, I’m not even sure of all the rules. I can never resist a chalk drawing though, or lots and lots of color. The rest of the board is over to the right, and over to the right and back, and behind where I’m standing. These 2 girls had a lot of fun with chalk this weekend. I hope the rain stays away for a few more days.

Daily(ish) Sighting 4/25/09

April 25, 2009

daily(ish) sighting 042509

This is motivation enough to bring my camera along with me! I saw these 2 guys (or gals – I thought it rude to ask) about 5 minutes into my 1st day of walking. The deer on the right stayed there the whole time, and seemed as if it would stay there all day. The one on the left wasn’t having any of it and sauntered away after the next picture. I’m guessing their some of the same deer I see in my neighborhood, so maybe they’ve seen me around.

Daily(ish) Sighting 4/23/09

April 23, 2009

daily(ish) sighting 042309

I was fortunate to have company during my walk yesterday and today – and I happened to know both of them. I don’t care if I have someone to walk with everyday, but it’s a nice change.

Yesterday it was raining so much, as it has been most of the week, I didn’t even bring my camera. Today I did bring my camera, but all of the shots were before and after the walking track.

I don’t know what kind of tree this is. I’m sure if someone told me I would feel pretty stupid because I should know what kind of tree it is.

I love flowers. I’m allergic, but I love them. I used to live in the same landlord-owned complex – not an apartment complex, more of a random mix of buildings – as a florist. At least twice a month I would buy flowers for my desk at work. Sadly, I spent way more time at my desk at work than at home.

This is about the only place I’ve lived where I’ve really been able to plant flowers (and hopefully vegetables again this year). My mom had flower beds and vegetable gardens here when I was a kid (there are still a couple persistent plants that come up about 30 years later, no flowers on them, just the leaves).

Tulips are almost my favorite flower (Gerber daisies are my favorite). A few years ago I decided to plant my own flower bed. Our yards are a bit of a challenge. This land has been in our family for about 50 years. Not a long time, but through 3 generations. Before I was born some of the yard was filled in with fill dirt to try to level it out some (it is still not level). The tiny front yard used to be the gravel lot of an auto sales business, and there is still gravel down there. No one told me this before I started digging. Also with fill dirt you get things like ROCKS, and TOOLS, and TRASH, and I DON’T KNOW WHAT  THE HECK THAT IS. Also my brother used to bury his toy cars and little army men so no one else could have them. Let me just say – if you have some frustration to let out, do some digging with a mattock. That is like heaven. Except for the pain the next day. Totally worth it though. Plus I have about 10 different kinds of tulips that are almost ready to bloom.

Daily(ish) Sighting 4/21/09

April 21, 2009


In addition to my smoking cessation, I’ve started walking (almost) daily. Since I’m walking alone, and because I currently can’t use either of my mp3 players, I’ve been taking my camera along with me. It keeps me from not getting bored, even if I don’t take many photos, by looking for things to photograph and becoming more aware of my surroundings. As motivation to blog more, and take more photos, I’m going to post (almost) daily photos of things I see. Some (or many) may not be interesting to a lot of people, but they will be interesting to me for whatever reason. Sometimes the photos may not be from my (almost) daily walk, like when I’m on my semi-annual traveling salesman gig next month, or when I actually get to go out of town. Most of the time there will only be 1 photo, occasionally there will be more if it’s a related set like today’s daily sighting. If I don’t see anything, or don’t take any photos on a given day, I’ll post one from a backup of other days (I have at least a week’s worth of backups already).

Today most of my walk was on Tiny Town’s walking track. As I was finishing my last lap I noticed these guys at the edge of the infield. Since I don’t often get to see them this close so I couldn’t resist an opportunity to photograph them.

geese 1

geese 2

geese 3

geese 5

Yeah, I really didn’t think it would be easy.

geese 6

This one was blurry, but this is the closest photo I could get of them.

geese 7

Those lines in the grass? From me following them around and around to get their picture.