Daily(ish) Sighting 5/01/09

May 1, 2009

daily(ish) sighting 050109

We have a local spring event tomorrow where I’ll be able to sell some of my creations. Since the only other time I’ve had an opportunity to sell was Christmas, I’ve been looking for some accessories and props with a Spring/Summer theme. I’ve spent 2 weeks searching the limited selection of stores we have, and their limited selection of tablecloths (or even flat sheets) to use as a tablecloth that will actually cover the table I have. Today I gave up and just opted for fabric. I found this on the bargain shelves (the colors don’t show up quite right, the pink is more pink and the blue is closer to turquoise) at $1.50/yd. I bought 6 yards which cost me less than 1 flat sheet or 2 tablecloths, and will make me at least 3 that actually cover my table.


Etsy End of April Sale

April 25, 2009



2 post in one day! That ain’t gonna happen often.

Next Saturday, May 2, I will be having my 1st in-person in-the-vicinity-of-Tiny-Town sales day since I officially started my jewelry/suncatcher/whatever making business. Since I have many, but not nearly all, of my items listed on etsy and will be taking all of those items to said sales day, I’ve decided to offer a special discount to all my many thousands of few readers. The more I sell on etsy before Saturday, the less I have to schlep around this weekend, and the less I have to sort through on Sunday to figure out what I still have left that’s already listed in my etsy store.

So, for anyone out there, even if you aren’t a reader (feel free to pass it around), I will be giving a 20% discount until the end of April. I advertised a 15% discount on etsy for this weekend, but THIS special discount is better (cause it’s more and it lasts longer).

It’s very easy to get this discount.

  1. Go to my etsy store – pennycandyshoppe – and buy a ton of stuff (just kidding, there’s no minimum purchase)
  2. Purchase the items with the code “MISSNIGHTOWL” (spelling and capitalization optional) BUT don’t pay for your items yet
  3. I’ll send you a revised invoice with the discount
  4. PAY

In addition to this special offer I always offer FREE US shipping (FREE!) and discounted shipping outside the US.


What are you waiting for? Go buy some pretty things!