random me meme

May 14, 2009


My first meme tag! I feel so special now! Thanks to Tuli at Defective Typewriter.

What are your current obsessions?
My hair, shoes, wire (I’m excited because I got to go to an excellent hardware store today to buy wire!)

What’s for dinner?
More like a lunch. I only do this once a year but I got a big Basket of Fries with cheese at McDonald’s. It’s kinda a local thing.

What is your greatest fear at the moment?
That I’m never going to get everything done that I need to get done.

What are you listening to?
CSI: NY – just listening, not actually watching

If you were a goddess what would you be?
A muse for creativity.

What are your favourite holiday spots?
Kure Beach, Clearwater/Tampa Bay area, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo

What are you reading right now?
Odd Hours by Dean Koontz

What is your guilty pleasure?
Romantic movies, not really romcoms, just with some romance. My favorite example.

Who or what makes you laugh?
My niece, my dad. I can’t really get into stand-up and no one famous really stands out right now.

What is your favourite spring thing to do?
Get the shorts and tanks out! Buy new summer shoes. Or And new spring shoes.

Where are you planning to travel next?
I’m not. I rarely get to travel anymore, but we may end up doing something short this summer. Maybe going to Pittsburgh to catch the Pirates.

What is the best thing you ate or drank lately?
Some cheesy taco-ish salad. Corn chips, spicy meat and beans, lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream, and some green onions from my mom’s garden. I love green onions!

When was the last time you were tipsy?
So long ago I can’t even remember. Sadly at least 5 years since I’ve even had a drop of alcohol.

What is your favorite ever film?
If I had time I could probably list about 300. I don’t have an all-time favorite. I like most movies and can watch just about anything. As long as it’s not animated. Can barely do that.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your children?
No kids. Most kids I know make me feel like like I’m glad I can’t have any. Except my niece. She makes me wish I could have half a dozen just like her! Or at least one.

What song can’t you get out of your head?
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA Gold has been my traveling companion this week

What book do you know you should read but refuse to?
Probably any of the classics. It’s not that I don’t want to read them, I have read some, I just don’t want to read a book because that’s what everyone else has done.

What is your physical abnormality/abnormal physical ability?
I can bend my thumb back to my wrist. Nothing special, but I haven’t seen many other people who can do it. Other than the women in my family.

What is your favourite candy?
Reese’s cups, preferably the miniature or special holiday shapes, caramel-filled Hershey’s Kisses, and cherry-filled Hershey’s Kisses

What is your favourite body part?
Sometimes my hair, sometimes my eyes. Meh.

What other bloggers are you tagging?
No one. Anyone left who hasn’t done it? (I’m looking at you, Brian) Just let me know so I can take a peek!


Chrome Hero

February 20, 2009


Look at me!

I would have preferred a ponytail, but at least I got the pink hair!

Link thanks to Tuli. Go here to make your own.


July 17, 2008


I’ve been procrastinating with this for awhile. I’ve seen it here and there and more recently, though I changed a couple.

I didn’t intend for these to be so long, but sometimes I just can’t shut myself up.

Accent: I don’t know what my accent is, probably less severe (not in a negative way) than the rest of my family. Sometime during my late grade school years I decided I didn’t want to have an accent. Why? Probably just to be different, maybe my way of rebelling against having to live with my mom after my parents divorced, or because sometimes people with southern accents are perceived to be “dumb hicks”? Who knows why I do the things I do? Not me. When I moved to California people asked me where I was from and would say, “But you don’t have an accent.” After I moved back to my home I think it has gradually come back somewhat, but it is probably more of a blend from the different places I’ve lived and from being around family and people with different accents.

Breakfast or no breakfast: Breakfast food? Yes. Eating at breakfast time? No. I generally don’t have time to eat until 3 or 4. On a good day.

Chore I don’t care for: Washing dishes (thankfully! I have a dishwasher) and folding my dad’s laundry

Dog or Cat: Allergic to both though we always had cats when I was a kid. As an adult I’ve had a chameleon, a gecko, and 2 iguanas.

Essential Electronics: My really old (relatively) computer that needs to either be upgraded or replaced. It is where I spend about 16 hours a day so I would lost without it.

Favorite Cologne: The only favorite I’ve had was a perfume that I had specially made. The company was purchased by a larger company and promptly dissolved.

Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold. I can’t wear yellow gold and I don’t really like the way it looks, especially on me.

Handbag I carry most often: Whatever. I change every couple of months. I don’t match my purse to anything else and don’t change it for different outfits. I’m picky so if I find one I like I hang on to it for awhile.

Insomnia: Always

Jobs I’ve had: In the past I’ve been an office clerk, advertising sales (a few different times), advertising manager, retail sales (very briefly), door-to-door sales (yuck), office manager, convenience store clerk, assistant manager, data entry, customer care rep, billing analyst, wedding photographer. One summer a group of friends and I cleaned houses. One of my landlords also owned a snack bar and I would help there on busy weekends and holidays. I worked in a video store for a little while in college, other than the freaky owner it was an interesting job. I’ve also temped in several different types of jobs. And I’ve never been fired from any of them. My current work is more enjoyable, especially since I am my own boss. Although I do a little freelance work 2-3 days a week.

Kids: Can’t have them

Living Arrangements: With my dear father, who is sometimes much like a toddler. He probably listens just as well.

Most Admirable Trait: I think it would be generosity

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: I never got in trouble at school. Most of the time that I got in trouble at home was, as the oldest, getting the blame for the 2 little brats that were my younger siblings. I never cleaned my room though and I sassed my mom.

Overnight hospital stays: 2 – The first in 9th grade. I’m allergic to fresh-cut grass and it breaks me out like poison ivy, which I am also very allergic to. We were doing a gifted class project at school and we were filming by the river across the football field. The field had just been mown and there was no other way to get to the other side than straight across. If that wasn’t bad enough some of the guys started throwing clumps of grass, several of which were thrown at my face. The doctor was afraid that my airway would blister and close off so I got prescription Benadryl pumped into me for 2 days and nights. Fun!

The 2nd was for Bronchitis, Double Pneumonia, and dehydration at age 19. I was feeling fine and went to a meeting on a Sunday out of town. During the meeting I kept getting worse and didn’t think I would be able to drive home (about an hour away). The doctor at the ER wouldn’t do anything for 2 days until I could barely stay conscious. Another doctor finally admitted me to the hospital where I stayed from Tuesday until Friday. The phone system was out so I couldn’t get any calls. Several people tried to visit me but were told I was asleep, even though I rarely was. So many other things that made me even more miserable than I was just from being sick that I am thankful I haven’t had any more overnight stays since then.

Phobias: For most of my life I was absolutely terrified of dogs, but I’m not as much now. Everyone used to make fun of me about it. My grandfather had 2 dogs and my aunt tried to help, in her way, by having me shake one of the dog’s paws. I tried not to be afraid but he must have sensed it because he started growling. I turned to run but only got 1 step before he knocked me face down in the dirt (I was about 12 or 13 and small – he probably was about my size and weight). He bit a hole in my ear and his teeth stayed clamped to my ear the whole time, shaking my head, until my grandfather could get him away from me, and dug his claw in my back (I still have a hole there) and most the skin was gone from one of my shins. I thought for sure my ear was gone! I was afraid if I looked at the dog my ear would be hanging out of its mouth. Yeah, it really didn’t help my phobia much. I don’t have as much of a fear as I used to, although I haven’t been around large dogs for a long time. My mom told me a few years ago that when I was about 9 months old she and my father left me with my great-grandmother overnight while they went Christmas shopping out of town. Some other relative was there with a Chihuahua and it just stood and barked at me the whole time. If it were true that would explain my fear of dogs. And why I despise Chihuahuas (except for my sister’s). But my mom likes to make shit up.

Quote: Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”
— Mary Anne Radmacher

Reason to Smile: My family together, my baby niece!

Siblings: Younger brother and younger sister

Time I wake up: whenever, depends on what I am working on that day. Ideally I would like to wake up at 11 a.m. everyday. Right now I get to sleep until then about 4 days a week. It’s the other days that are a problem.

Unusual Fact About Me: I attended 1st and 2nd grade at the same time.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Tomatoes. I tell people I’m allergic because it’s much easier than trying to explain that I hate, hate, hate tomatoes. I have so many allergies (both food and other) that most people buy it. But I do feel guilty lying about it.

Worst Habit: Most people would probably say smoking, but I think my procrastination skills are far too honed.

X-rays: I think I had 2 or 3 for bronchitis or pneumonia or something when I was young. The day before one of my moves I thought I broke my foot but I just stove the top bone on my foot into the bone directly behind it.

Yummy Stuff: Nachos, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, bell peppers (except green), cucumbers, pork, and probably a combination of many of those things. We have very little variety of restaurants in my area. I miss chorizo, Lamb Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala (my dear brother brings this to me on occasion), anything with a peanut sauce.

The foods I am allergic to (real allergies, swear) are avocados and seafood – shrimp, crab, scallops for certain so I just stay away from all of it.

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Okapi They are such a beautiful and unique animal. I first saw them at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

25 Years of Movies

June 23, 2008

According to EW – below are the top 100 “New Classic” Movies from the past 25 years. I’m not sure how they made the list. I can think of several that belong on the list instead of some of these pieces of crap. But no one ever said I had GOOD taste in movies myself. Meme totally stolen from Avitable.

Bold movies are those I’ve seen. I’ve put an asterisk by those I like, 2 if I’ve seen them several times.

1. Pulp Fiction (1994) **
2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-03) **
3. Titanic (1997) **
4. Blue Velvet (1986) *

5. Toy Story (1995) *
6. Saving Private Ryan (1998)**
7. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) *
8. The Silence of the Lambs (1991) **
9. Die Hard (1988)**
10. Moulin Rouge (2001)
11. This Is Spinal Tap (1984) **
12. The Matrix (1999) **
13. GoodFellas (1990) *
14. Crumb (1995)
15. Edward Scissorhands (1990) **
16. Boogie Nights (1997) *
17. Jerry Maguire (1996) **
18. Do the Right Thing (1989) *
19. Casino Royale (2006)
20. The Lion King (1994)
21. Schindler’s List (1993) *
22. Rushmore (1998 )
23. Memento (2001) **
24. A Room With a View (1986) *
25. Shrek (2001) [I own this but have not actually watched it]
26. Hoop Dreams (1994)
27. Aliens (1986) **
28. Wings of Desire (1988)*
29. The Bourne Supremacy (2004) *
30. When Harry Met Sally… (1989) **
31. Brokeback Mountain (2005) *
32. Fight Club (1999) **
33. The Breakfast Club (1985) **
34. Fargo (1996) **
35. The Incredibles (2004) *
36. Spider-Man 2 (2004) **
37. Pretty Woman (1990) **
38. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
39. The Sixth Sense (1999) **
40. Speed (1994) **
41. Dazed and Confused (1993) **
42. Clueless (1995) **
43. Gladiator (2000) **
44. The Player (1992)
45. Rain Man (1988)**
46. Children of Men (2006) **
47. Men in Black (1997) **
48. Scarface (1983) *
49. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) **
50. The Piano (1993) *
51. There Will Be Blood (2007)
52. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad (1988)**
53. The Truman Show (1998)**
54. Fatal Attraction (1987) **
55. Risky Business (1983) **
56. The Lives of Others (2006)
57. There’s Something About Mary (1998)**
58. Ghostbusters (1984) **
59. L.A. Confidential (1997) *
60. Scream (1996) **
61. Beverly Hills Cop (1984) **
62. sex, lies and videotape (1989)
63. Big (1988)**
64. No Country For Old Men (2007)
65. Dirty Dancing (1987) **
66. Natural Born Killers (1994) *
67. Donnie Brasco (1997) *
68. Witness (1985) **
69. All About My Mother (1999)
70. Broadcast News (1987) **
71. Unforgiven (1992) **
72. Thelma & Louise (1991) **
73. Office Space (1999) **
74. Drugstore Cowboy (1989)
75. Out of Africa (1985)
76. The Departed (2006) **
77. Sid and Nancy (1986)
78. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) **
79. Waiting for Guffman (1996) **
80. Michael Clayton (2007)
81. Moonstruck (1987) **
82. Lost in Translation (2003)
83. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987) **
84. Sideways (2004) *
85. The 40 Year-Old Virgin (2005) *
86. Y Tu Mamá También (2002) *
87. Swingers (1996) **
88. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) **
89. Breaking the Waves (1996)
90. Napoleon Dynamite (2004) *
91. Back to the Future (1985) **
92. Menace II Society (1993)
93. Ed Wood (1994)
94. Full Metal Jacket (1987) **
95. In the Mood for Love (2001)
96. Far From Heaven (2002) *
97. Glory (1989) **
98. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
99. The Blair Witch Project (1999) **
100. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999) *

Movies I Think Should Be In the Top 100

  • The Green Mile
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Usual Suspects
  • Best in Show (I personally like it better than Waiting for Guffman) (not that I don’t like Guffman)
  • Seven (or Se7en, or whatever)
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Stand By Me (I think there’s a theme here)
  • Crash

I’m positive I could think of more (Shaun of the Dead) but I’m very tired (Snatch).