Birthday Cheerleader

September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday PAPA!


Go wish him a Happy 35th Birthday.


Also, a belated Happy Birthday to Tuli!


The Fug

September 13, 2008


Doesn’t everyone have some old fug lying around? Or maybe that’s just me. Do you know what Fug is? No? Really? What! Well it’s time to educate yourself.

A blogger friend of mine, Brian (of PapaTV), recently started a new weekly feature: Fug Mug Fridays.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Dig up the most fugtastic photo of yourself you can find.
  2. Email Brian with the photo and a description of what inspired your fugnaciousness.
  3. Check PapaTV every Friday for the Fugtacular fun.
  4. Vote on the Fugworthiness of each of the photos.
  5. Go read Brian’s rules in case I’ve got it wrong (this probably should be done 1st)

See? It’s easy!

So go check out this week’s Fugtasticness (it’s ladies week). (You might see someone you know). Then go check out last week’s Fugfest. Then go take a look at Brian’s own Fugness (seriously, that’s the worst he’s got?). THEN just stick around and check out the rest of his blog. There’s lots of non-fug to laugh over. Like Brian.

You can also read about the gorgeous AnaMama, the baby-to-be, and Nikki. And let’s not forget the occasional co-host Mr. Black!

Oh, and don’t mention Michael Phelps’ abs.

Turkey & Poop

September 11, 2008


A few weeks ago, Natalie over at Tell Me About It held a poop contest – yes, a contest about poop – and I was one of the 2 winners. The prize was 2 beautiful bookmarks from Turkey, which is where she and her family live.

Bookmark #1



Bookmark #2

Side 1

hearts & flowers!


Side 2

the colors int he bookmark are 1000 times better than the photo


Natalie included a note with the bookmarks to let me know that the 2nd bookmark was made using a form of water painting known as Ebru, or paper marbling. She had featured it in a post a few months ago along with a video of the process, and a few examples.

Now I can throw away the Wal-Mart receipt, old lottery ticket, and Wallflower boxtop I’ve been using to keep my place. Thanks Natalie!

If you’re here you’ve probably got some free time, so go over and say hello to Natalie and learn some fascinating things about Turkey.