Do proms always suck, or is it just me? – Flashback Friday



This Flashback Friday (a first here, but probably not the last) is brought to you via Papa (who was sadly promless) and organized by Blissfully Caffeinated and The Stiletto Mom.

Junior Year Prom – 1989

prom 1989

(Face obscured to protect the guilty? OK, I guess it’s not his fault) Wow! How happy do I look? I think we were only there long enough to have the picture taken. I don’t remember dancing much. The guy was my boyfriend at the time, and really the first long term boyfriend I kept around (for almost a year). Our plans were to leave prom early and go out to eat with another couple. Problem No. 1 – the only place to eat was over 30 miles away, which really is only a problem because of Problem No. 2 – The boyfriend – MY boyfriend, a senior, had a curfew of 11 p.m. 11 PM CURFEW ON PROM NIGHT? WTF? By the time we did leave it was later than planned (of course), we got half way there and I’m like “we aren’t going to have enough time to even get there and back before your 11 PM CURFEW, and we will definitely not have enough time to actually eat anything when we do get there.” Because we had planned to eat out, we didn’t eat anything at prom. I was HUNGRY. He took me home and just made it home before his 11 PM CURFEW. I had just turned 16 and didn’t yet have a driver’s license or I’d have been going back to prom. Better than sitting home on a Friday Night – a Friday Night Prom Night at that – just because your boyfriend had an 11 PM CURFEW. Karma? The whole 11 PM thing would continue to …


Senior Year Prom – 1990

prom 1990

(Face obscured to protect the innocent) The reason our attire doesn’t match as nicely as the attire in the top picture is because this nice guy wasn’t my boyfriend, just a friend, and it was a last minute date. My boyfriend went to a different high school and was out of town the weekend of my prom for a chess tournament (sounds geeky, right? I was way geekier than he was, which wasn’t hard to do because he was totally not a geek. That’s not a compliment for him). My friend didn’t have a date for the prom so we decided to go together. He already had his tux. I didn’t really care about prom so I just used the same dress from our winter formal. The dress was purchased during a long Thanksgiving weekend vacation in DC at a little boutique off the Metro in Crystal City, VA (I’m so amazed I remember all that). This was the first year that prom wasn’t at the high school. I never did understand why it wasn’t at the HS. This prom was at the local college, which really wasn’t all that local to most of the students (my date had to travel almost an hour and a half). It also meant that they had less time to decorate, less people could decorate because you had to either have a car or know someone who did, and we had less room than the gym where it was usually held. Whatever. Back to my story. As the night went on, we were having a good time, but I started feeling sicker and sicker. I think by the time my nice, understanding date took me home I was barely alert. Turns out that my boyfriend had given me a little going away present before his chess tournament – strep throat. Oh, and I was home before 11 PM.

How was your prom?


18 Responses to Do proms always suck, or is it just me? – Flashback Friday

  1. Those are such classic ’80’s formal dresses. I love the green and black and your hair is very Molly Ringwald. Thanks for sharing and you’re linked!

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  3. I know I’m old…but did you ever see Mr. Rogers Neighborhood? Because it looks like you are posing in front of it in the second pic. For realz.

    I love the expression on your face…but I think I love the black hose with the green dress the most.

    Thanks for playing along, linking you right now!

    • missnightowl says:

      King Friday’s Castle! I never thought about that, but you’re totally right. And what’s with all the balloons? I think I even remember the photographer kicking more balloons into the pictures.

      Thanks for the great idea and the link!

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  5. PAPA says:

    Oh, Penny, you always come thru! I love your huge smile. hehe

    And the balloons are awesome!

  6. Angel says:

    I LOVE the black and green dress! I think it’s actually in style now, I saw something similar on a girl the other weekend! I love the castle in the background, our proms were at the museum, (So we had dinosaurs in one) and a convention center so no cute backgrounds for us.

    • missnightowl says:

      I did, too! I think it might have been a Jessica McClintock, who was a big 80’s prom dress name. Or maybe still is? It’s been 20 years so it probably is time for it to be back in style. I was so happy when I found it.

      The castle was a cardboard kit. You got the pre-cut cardboard for the castle, streamers, balloons, tablecloths, etc. all in coordinating colors in 1 big kit. A museum sounds like fun, better than a college student union. It would make for some interesting themes, especially with dinosaurs!

  7. Laurin says:

    Your parents must have been very pleased about the 11pm thing. I certainly don’t remember my prom in that much detail. I have no idea why! Heh.

    • missnightowl says:

      I lived with my dad and I didn’t have a curfew for prom. He knew my boyfriend had an early curfew so that might be why. I didn’t think I remembered much until I started thinking about the little things I did remember, which reminded me of something else, which reminded me of something else. I was so sick at Senior prom I definitely don’t remember much about it, except for trying to eat and not being able to. And then I also couldn’t eat for the next week.

  8. Tuli says:

    OMG! Look at you, you adorable thing, you!

    Here’s my horrible junior-year prom story: This girl who had previously dated the guy I went to prom with, asked him to dance then proceeded to cry all over him. Talk about uncomfortable. Oh, and? My date had a sprained ankle.

    (My senior year prom dress was that same color green as the skirt of your senior year prom dress! I should try to find a picture. hehe!)

    • missnightowl says:

      I don’t know about adorable, but I was definitely young thing!

      Sucky prom! So maybe it isn’t just me! You should definitely find a picture and do a post!

  9. PAPA says:

    Um…someone hasn’t posted in awhile. 🙂

    Hope everything’s okay!

    • missnightowl says:

      Oh, I was going to post something yesterday until our FREAKING DSL was out for 30 HOURS this weekend. Tiny Town sucks. We have a big event this week so I’m hoping to at least post some pictures.

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  11. jad1331 says:

    I was a total dork with only a few friends in high school. As a result I spent prom night with a couple friends and a twelve pack of cheap beer (Milwaukee’s Best bought by an older relative) sitting in the middle of an empty litter strewn vacant lot, drinking.

    At the time that kind of thing really bummed me out and made me feel like a total freak and loser. Of course now as a happily married 37 year old man I could care less about the fact that I missed out on prom.

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