Daily(ish) Sighting 4/23/09

daily(ish) sighting 042309

I was fortunate to have company during my walk yesterday and today – and I happened to know both of them. I don’t care if I have someone to walk with everyday, but it’s a nice change.

Yesterday it was raining so much, as it has been most of the week, I didn’t even bring my camera. Today I did bring my camera, but all of the shots were before and after the walking track.

I don’t know what kind of tree this is. I’m sure if someone told me I would feel pretty stupid because I should know what kind of tree it is.

I love flowers. I’m allergic, but I love them. I used to live in the same landlord-owned complex – not an apartment complex, more of a random mix of buildings – as a florist. At least twice a month I would buy flowers for my desk at work. Sadly, I spent way more time at my desk at work than at home.

This is about the only place I’ve lived where I’ve really been able to plant flowers (and hopefully vegetables again this year). My mom had flower beds and vegetable gardens here when I was a kid (there are still a couple persistent plants that come up about 30 years later, no flowers on them, just the leaves).

Tulips are almost my favorite flower (Gerber daisies are my favorite). A few years ago I decided to plant my own flower bed. Our yards are a bit of a challenge. This land has been in our family for about 50 years. Not a long time, but through 3 generations. Before I was born some of the yard was filled in with fill dirt to try to level it out some (it is still not level). The tiny front yard used to be the gravel lot of an auto sales business, and there is still gravel down there. No one told me this before I started digging. Also with fill dirt you get things like ROCKS, and TOOLS, and TRASH, and I DON’T KNOW WHAT  THE HECK THAT IS. Also my brother used to bury his toy cars and little army men so no one else could have them. Let me just say – if you have some frustration to let out, do some digging with a mattock. That is like heaven. Except for the pain the next day. Totally worth it though. Plus I have about 10 different kinds of tulips that are almost ready to bloom.


10 Responses to Daily(ish) Sighting 4/23/09

  1. Tuli says:

    Ooooo. I don’t know what that tree is but is sure is pretty. Does it have a smell? (I imagine that it smells like mountain laurel — kinda like grape Kool-aid and very, very sweet.)

  2. missnightowl says:

    I would love to know! None that I’ve seen are close enough (without risking possible injury or death) to smell. It’s part of the way down a hill that leads to a stream (that leads to the river). There are some smaller ones nearby but they are also too close to peril to smell. It’s also near a heavily traveled road and bridge that smells heartily of oil and exhaust and pretty much blocks out all other smells. I keep looking for some that are closer!

  3. Kenny says:


    Helps you locate Fill Dirt.

  4. Twinkie says:

    I think it’s a Plum tree, isn’t it? It IS beautiful! That and the almond trees when they blossom are soooo beautiful! But allergies kick my ass during almond blossom season! LOL

    • missnightowl says:

      It’s possible! Until last year my neighbor had a plum tree. It didn’t look like this, but it may have been a different kind (or not a plum tree at all). She has 3 other flowering trees (2 different kinds), but I don’t know what they are either. I haven’t seen any almond trees around. I love all flowers! Although my sinuses don’t! I don’t even mind the multiflora roses in the backyard, especially when they flower.

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  7. PAPA says:

    I love walks in the woods. Probably one of my favorite things to do. I love the stillness. I love babbling brooks. Sometimes when I lived in NYC I would take the train and go for a nice walk thru the woods. I never wrote “Walden” or anything like that, but I still had a great time.

    • missnightowl says:

      So do I! Except for the poison ivy. I can handle the snakes though (I think). This wasn’t taken in the woods, unless you count the whole area as woods. As rural as it is you almost could.

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