I’ve taken at least 600 photos this week, what’s one more? 

worktable 3-1-09


This is what my work table currently looks like. I use this table for all of my work, but I usually don’t keep more than 1 type of work on it at a time. It’s usually clear unless I’m working on something that I’m going to be finishing very soon. Except for now.

I started the project on the left side last night, with the thought I might get it done last night. Obviously I didn’t.

Since I actually slept 9 hours today, I had my main “job” to do when I got up. Which is where the piles on the right side came from. Those piles (there are 8 individual “things” there plus 9 smaller ones not shown, plus 1 other payment I haven’t processed yet) need to be packaged up (18 packages and counting) to mail out tomorrow. I would much rather work on the project on the left side, but I think the piles on the right would be too distracting. Probably making me feel guilty that they aren’t done yet. The project on the left side is much more interesting (at least to me), and definitely much more fun.

I think I’ll just go make dinner.


4 Responses to Indecision

  1. Tuli says:

    It’s tough to choose between the things you HAVE to do vs. the things you WANT to do. Striking the perfect balance sometimes seems impossible. But getting those HAVE-to-do’s out of the way? It’s very freeing, isn’t it?

  2. PAPA says:

    Very organized! Are you sure you didn’t “clean up” before snapping away? 😉

  3. missnightowl says:

    Not at all! It’s about the only place I can keep organized without effort since I use it so often. If I had cleaned up I probably would have removed the remote! I didn’t even realize it was there til I was editing the photo.

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