Birthday Cheerleader

Happy Birthday PAPA!


Go wish him a Happy 35th Birthday.


Also, a belated Happy Birthday to Tuli!


5 Responses to Birthday Cheerleader

  1. Tuli says:

    Yay! What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    We’ve not gone to the drive-in yet. Doubt it will be this weekend, either, as we’ve got out-of-town guests coming in. Unless they want to go with us. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  2. missnightowl says:

    Well, I should have done it on your birthday. Papa asked for cheerleaders for his birthday and I thought “I can’t do his if I haven’t done Tuli’s as well!”

    If they go to the drive-in with you, take separate cars 😛

  3. PAPA says:

    I’m copying this…wow…beautiful…MR BLACK stands salute. Thank you. XOXO

  4. missnightowl says:

    You’re so welcome!

  5. Isuru Perera says:

    wsh u hpy bdy papa!!!!

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