The Fug


Doesn’t everyone have some old fug lying around? Or maybe that’s just me. Do you know what Fug is? No? Really? What! Well it’s time to educate yourself.

A blogger friend of mine, Brian (of PapaTV), recently started a new weekly feature: Fug Mug Fridays.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Dig up the most fugtastic photo of yourself you can find.
  2. Email Brian with the photo and a description of what inspired your fugnaciousness.
  3. Check PapaTV every Friday for the Fugtacular fun.
  4. Vote on the Fugworthiness of each of the photos.
  5. Go read Brian’s rules in case I’ve got it wrong (this probably should be done 1st)

See? It’s easy!

So go check out this week’s Fugtasticness (it’s ladies week). (You might see someone you know). Then go check out last week’s Fugfest. Then go take a look at Brian’s own Fugness (seriously, that’s the worst he’s got?). THEN just stick around and check out the rest of his blog. There’s lots of non-fug to laugh over. Like Brian.

You can also read about the gorgeous AnaMama, the baby-to-be, and Nikki. And let’s not forget the occasional co-host Mr. Black!

Oh, and don’t mention Michael Phelps’ abs.


4 Responses to The Fug

  1. bigP says:

    Hi this is Mr Black and I’m new to your blog but I like it. Security is f&cking boring lately, very little action. I’m taking night courses at LACC. Did you know crickets bring good luck? Did you know hard abs = a roll of the dice. My break is up but I’ll be back. “Shiv de Loks”.

  2. missnightowl says:

    Mr. Black! I am completely honored by your presence here! You are welcome here anytime you get bored. Except it’s pretty fucking boring here right now. Maybe you should talk your boss into letting you cohost more often? Wait, you’re not staring at Nikki’s ass again are you?

    What kind of classes are you taking? And did your boss offer to pay for them? It’s the least he could do. My little cricket guest has not brought me good luck yet. He better hope I don’t see him again. It seems as if your boss has better luck with them. Maybe I got a defective one?

    I haven’t gotten a good look at your abs yet. Let me get a good look at them in your next interview. I do know Brian has Great Abs!

    I know what “Hjel Schizfic” means. What is “Shiv de Loks”. I’m guessing it roughly translates to “Penny is freaking hilarious”. Or maybe “Penny is a freaking idiot”? That’s OK, I’m not easily offended.

    Come back soon! Please?

  3. bigP says:

    Miss night owl do you know how many nights I’ve worked security just waiting for the sun to warm my ebony skin? Shiv de loks is a rough translation means “The enchanted kettle.” You might think there’s an allegory there somewhere. There’s not. I drink 2 cups of tea before starting my studies. Advanced Biology is a heady subject. Right now I’m mesmerized by the fibula. I read page 97 six times. But now Papa tells me the Fuglies are going out soon and that’s when i put down the remote. I never miss the Fuglies.
    Thanks for being such a big, big reader!

  4. missnightowl says:

    “The enchanted kettle” definitely sounds like an allegory. I think I may have to add that phrase to my lexicon. What is it about the fibula that fascinates you so? Is that an allegory?

    PAPA did a great job with the fuglies again this week (although I think last week had a real winner/loser).

    Oh, and what’s in your tea?

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