The Big Picture

For your viewing pleasure.

 drive-in 08/08/08

Actually it was for mine.

I had hoped that I could have a car in there as a size reference. Lucky me, it was very dead last Friday night. With an X-Files/The Happening double feature, there wasn’t a whole lot of interest in this area. Their loss.

You can see a slide and swing set at the bottom of the photo to help a little with the size (click to go to Flickr for a larger view). Yes, it’s very dark. Next weekend I’m hoping to take more pictures, and not wait until it’s dark, and not take it through my car windshield. I was going to lighten it but I liked the little bit of sunset you can see in the upper right corner (click to see it uncropped and larger at Flickr).

You can also see the speaker poles scattered throughout the bottom. Some of which actually have a speaker attached, though I don’t think any still have 2 attached. They do work, or at least the one in my spot works, but I still use the car radio, and I don’t put the speaker in my car window. The external speakers and the other car radios kind of add to the overall sound experience of the movie.

Next weekend is (I think) Swing Vote and Mamma Mia so there will probably a larger attendance. And hopefully more interesting (and lighter) pics.


6 Responses to The Big Picture

  1. Tuli says:

    OOOH! I’m jealous, jealous, jealous! Positively GREEN WITH ENVY! I ache to go to a drive-in.

    (How is the X-Files movie? I was such a huge fan of the show I named one of my dogs Scully.)

  2. missnightowl says:

    You guys should go to the one you mentioned before! If I was interested in both movies that were playing this weekend I would go again tonight. I’m definitely going next Friday though.

    I was very pleased with X-files. OK, I was ecstatic! I knew I would enjoy it just because it’s, you know, Mulder and Scully, but I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t want to give anything away, but I thought they did very well trying to keep it interesting for both X-philes and non. Although people who haven’t watched it, ever, won’t get any of the in jokes or get the feeling of the history. Also, the whole “are they or aren’t they” was handled way better than I could have thought possible (in my opinion).

  3. I wish we had a drive-in theater around here. That would be so cool. I remember going to one as a child and laying on the ledge in the back window of the car and eating Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes.

    Ah, memories.

  4. missnightowl says:

    When we were kids we would take a couple of blankets or quilts and lay on the ground beside the car. I’m almost tempted to take my dad’s truck next weekend and park backwards so I can lay in the bed, or at least spread out some. But I wouldn’t be able to hear the radio very well. And it would probably rain.

  5. natalie says:

    i loved mamma mia! so far i’ve seen it three times at the theater and i think some of the girls are getting together and going again tomorrow night! i think it helps that i grew up on abba and that the story takes place on a greek isle…so much like turkey it makes me laugh!

    and yep…you got it right on my poop contest! email your address to me and i will send you two turkish bookmarks! nagdalie at aol dot com

  6. missnightowl says:

    I’m glad I’m going to be in a car – so no one can hear me singing along!

    Yay! I won! I can’t believe it! I’ll email you right now. thanks!

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