10 Reasons Why I’ll Pay My Cable Bill This Summer (I)


[Note: I always pay my cable bill, of course, and always on time. Even though they completely suck. And you can’t even pay online! One reason why living in a small town bites is because – if you have a problem with a public utility? Too freakin’ bad – you are their last priority. Cable, electric, gas, landline, cell phone – it doesn’t matter. But I am not here for a rant today, I’m here to talk about the summer TV lineup.]

More specifically, what I think is great about this summer’s TV. 

Yes I know that my opinion doesn’t matter. I’m OK with that.

(All times are Eastern and PM. There are a lot of links.)

I had originally planned to include all of them in 1 post but since I can’t seem to shut myself up I think it would be better to split them into 3 categories. Today’s category is – Shows that are

Well into the Summer Season

1. Sunday Nights on USA

  • Law & Order: CI (USA) Sunday at 9 (and several other times during the week) – 2 words Vincent D’Onofrio. Oh my. I’ve watched all the L&O franchises since they came on the air and this one is my favorite. I love the chemistry between Vincent and Kathryn Erbe. Chris Noth is OK, but I’ve never been a big fan of him neither here, nor on the original L&O. But if I have to have Vincent alternated with Chris Noth, I’ll take it. I’m extremely happy they decided to show the 1st run episodes on USA instead of cancelling it.
  • In Plain Sight(USA) Sunday at 10 (and a few other times during the week) – A new show this year starring Mary McCormack as a US Marshall, along with her partner Marshall, working with the Federal Witness Protection Program (WITSEC) in Albuquerque. As well as taking care of her witnesses, her job is also taking care of her dysfunctional mother (played by Leslie Ann Warren), her dysfunctional sister, and her somewhat boyfriend, all while keeping the details of what her job really is secret from her family to protect everyone involved. It’s a mess (her life, not the show).

2. So You Think You Can Dance

  • (FOX) Wednesday at 8 (2 hours) and Thursday at 9 – I’ve been watching since about half way through the 1st season and now we’re into Season 4. If you’ve never seen it before check it out sometime on a Wednesday night. That’s the real competition night – 2 hours of couples and individual dancing. The highlight for me this season is the addition of Bollywood – so far we’ve seen it as a couple dance and as a group dance. On Thursday you get a (usually) pretty awesome group dance, the results of Wednesday night, people “dancing for their life”, and 2 people kicked off.

3. The Middleman

  • (ABC Family) Monday 10 – I rarely watch ABC Family but I stumbled across a commercial for this new show and had to check it out. It’s based on the graphic novels by Javier Grillo-Marxuach (who has written – and more – for a ton of shows including Lost, Medium, Charmed, The Chronicle, and Jake 2.0) and Les McClaine. An artist is recruited by “The Middleman” to work for a secret agency whose purpose is “Fighting Evil So You Don’t Have To”. It is light and cheesy (in a good way), full of gadgets and “monsters” (including zombies and aliens), and exclamations reminiscent of Robin (of Batman &). I’m really surprised it’s on ABC Family. I’m guessing it’s because the show is relatively tame compared to other shows – no nudity, language, sex (you know, the fun stuff). I think it was originally on at an earlier time so they may have made some other changes to the show. This show isn’t for everyone, but the 12-year-old-comic-book-lover inside you will have fun with it.

Tomorrow (hopefully) the category will be “It’s Not Too Late” – shows that have only just begun their season.


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