Hail? Yeah!


I love to take naps. My ideal sleep time, for a regular night’s day’s sleep, is from 6 a.m. to noon. Or somewhere around there. Unfortunately I don’t often get to actually sleep during that time. Since I prefer to not go to bed until 5 or 6 a.m. I often only get about 2 or 3 or 0 hours asleep a few mornings a week before I have to get up and work on one of my freelance jobs. I’m done by the afternoon so I curl up in bed and catch another 2 or 3 hours of sleep before starting work again. Which is fine because I don’t much like afternoons. Especially during the summer when it is 12000 degrees.

Inevitably, something interferes with my nap. Sometimes it’s my own fault by getting distracted by work, or something online, or something on TV. Many times it’s someone else, always during my nap. Of course.

Friday it was this.

Oh hail!

See those blurry lines across the top and bottom? More hail plummeting to the earth. 

And this.

River of hail


And yes, this.

Hail froze over


This month has been crazy weather month. It started with rain, then one of the highest floods we’ve ever had, then hot and humid (which is normal for this time of year but was made even worse because of the flood), tornado warnings/watches (our area is not suited for a tornado so we don’t often get them), another storm, a cold front (heavenly), and now this. I think the only thing left is snow.

Our electric had already gone off once Friday morning, right before I woke up, long before it started storming. I worked several hours and planned to go take my nap about 2 pm, which meant it was actually 4 pm by the time I made it back to bed. The NWS had sent several thunderstorm alerts and it sounded like the perfect time to sleep. (We have a metal roof and I absolutely love to fall asleep to the rain on the roof). I had barely started reading before the sound of the rain on the roof started. Which was followed 6 seconds later by the sound of horses galloping across the roof. I ran to the front door to watch. Cause that’s how I am. And because hail is cool. Especially when it’s like this and doesn’t do any damage.

We get about 30(ish) thunderstorm warnings/watches a year. About 95% of those say that it is capable of producing x-sized hail. We actually only get hail about once every 2 years. So when the emails said that this storm was capable of producing nickel-sized hail, I thought “Yeah, I’ve heard that one before”, and went to bed.

Back to the natural disaster voyeurism.

After being enthralled for a few seconds I ran to get my camera and came back to a surging river of rain, leaves, and hail on our sidewalk.  I took several pictures in between dodging hail that was pouring in, and bouncing in, through the front door. I’d kick the hail back out the door and more would come back in. It finally quit and I went back to bed. A few minutes later it started again. And then the electric went out again. A good excuse to sleep.

Right before I got up from my nap, and long after the storm, the power went out again.

Is it personal?


2 Responses to Hail? Yeah!

  1. coalminersgd says:

    The best thing about hail? All the sales at car dealerships for brand new cars with hail damage. Aw, yeah baby!

  2. missnightowl says:

    That would be great! Except we don’t have any new car dealerships here.

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